We are proud about experience and service quality of our plumbers. So we are able to solve your requests with water systems fast - every day. Please open our app and order specialist


Our experienced electricians are the ones who deliver security and quality to your site. We can install not only lamps and sockets but take care about whole your electrical system.

Additional services

Yes, we have the specialist, who is able to install new washing machine, montage new wardrobe or help with other works you need help in your household - order our specialist to have less pain and more free time!

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We connect customers with their need with skilled specialists. If you are using our Tradesman specialist, we give our best to ensure fast, convenient and proper service.

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During ordering you are able to see information about specialist and after completing work you are able to rate specialist you had. Your feedback lets us to provide best specialists in the market.

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Our service radius is about 20 km from closest specialist – currently about 20 km from Tallinn city centre. If you need help in some other place, please write to

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